As a flooring company, one of the many questions that we regularly encounter with our clients proves, “Why should I refinish my floors?”. This is a great question, to which we have a whole host of reasons as to why investing in refinishing your floors is the way to go. 

Refinishing your floors involves having us sanding down the topmost layer of your floors, then applying a fresh stain and lacquer atop. It makes floors look fresh, new, clean, and beautiful. Over the lifetime of a floor, we recommend that you have them refinished every 7-10 years and a total of 4-6 times total. It isn’t an every year type of expense and is a lasting investment, yet we still encounter quite a bit of consideration when it comes to our refinishing service. Let’s go through some of the regular points of interest that we hear about.  

First, and most oftenly of concern to clients, the price point comes into question. Refinishing is a much cheaper option than a full replacement of floors so when you call to speak with us about our services, if possible, we often recommend refinishing first. It is a great option to breathe new life, not only into just your floors, but your space as a whole. Refinishing the floors adds an instant update and makes whole spaces look new and sharp. 

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Another reason that we recommend refinishing floors is to extend the lifetime of your floors. Should you have any water damages, sun discoloration, stains, fading, scratches, dents, or gouges, refinishing is a great option to fix this and prolong the life of your floors. Think about how you brush your teeth everyday and go for your annual or biannual visit to the dentist. You are using your teeth everyday to eat, similarly to how we walk, run, and play on our floors everyday. Just like brushing your teeth, you sweep and wash your floors regularly, but sometimes they just need a check up and a little extra love. Just as you would go to the dentist to ensure your teeth will keep serving their purpose, give us a call to make sure that your floors are kept safe, shiny, and beautiful!


Perhaps you love your wood floors, but are looking for a little change up. This is an option when it comes to refinishing as well. As mentioned above, part of the refinishing process includes applying a fresh stain. When we do this, we are able to change the color of your flooring to something new and fresh! This can add a completely new look and feel to your space while also sealing them for protection for the next 7-10 years. If this is of interest to you, mention it to us, and we can help walk you through the process and present you with the different options in color changes. We will give you our own professional opinion and help you to understand why going either lighter or darker may work better in your home. 

After reading this post, if you are still unsure about whether or not it is time to refinish your floors, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We love to work with you and answer questions on all things flooring. We also would love to come take a look at your floors for a more in depth and completely free consultation and recommendation. Let us help you “Floor It”!

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